Post: Unique Airbnb

Lately I’ve been planning trips for the summer (and dreaming of more trips for the future). I want to go on more road trips and explore more places I’ve never been. The thing that holds me back is definitely the price of travel but I luckily found amazing deals using Airbnb. For an upcoming trip I’m taking I rented a room for a couple of nights (it includes my own deck and I have access to a kitchen and living room) and an apartment for a couple of nights on Airbnb. The price for the 4 nights came to a little over $350. When you compare that to staying at a hotel it’s quite a deal.

I came across some unique and cool places that I want to share with you (and hopefully inspire you to travel and explore the world around you)!

Please note: I’m not affiliated with Airbnb nor am I affiliated with any of the listings I am showing below. The images belong to Airbnb, Inc.

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