Post: Negative Feedback

I’ve never met anyone who really enjoys getting negative feedback (though they may exist). I personally dread it and I don’t always handle it the best. I tend to take negative feedback too personally. I’m slowly learning to process negative feedback in a more healthy manner and find a better outlook on it. Its a slow process.

I recently received some negative feedback on some work I had submitted. My first reactions were of worry (that I would lose my job) and failure (how could I do so bad!?). I didn’t respond to the feedback immediately and took some time to reflect. I finally realized the best way for me to learn from my mistakes was for me to thank them for the feedback and tell them that I would love to discuss it further to learn more on how to improve. I felt a lot more calm after saying this (I still felt some worry though.. but more calm!).

I do think it’s important that we embrace negative feedback in order to grow in our skills and abilities. It helps a lot to take a moment to cool down, reflect and then thank the person that gave you the feedback. It may also be helpful to write down the feedback in order to see it in a more systematic way. Remember, we learn from our mistakes and from our trials. Nobody is perfect, that’s the beauty of life!

Proverbs 19:20 – Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.

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