Post: Dating Yourself

Whether you are single or in a relationship, taking time to date yourself is crucial for your self love. It gives you a chance to spend time getting to know yourself, getting to reflect on your thoughts and interests, and most of all it teaches you to make yourself a priority in your life.

What does dating yourself really mean?

Dating yourself means to intentionally set aside time for yourself to indulge in activities you enjoy in order to further develop love for yourself. In other words, it’s doing activities independently to grow as a person. It’s fun and it’s fulfilling.

How often should you take yourself on solo dates?

There’s no set amount of time in which one should date themself. For some it may be weekly and for others it may be monthly. It’s important to focus on what works for you.

Here are some fun solo date ideas:

1. Stay at a hotel for a night. Spend time by the pool, work out, get comfy in bed, watch a movie, order some yummy food.

2. Spa night at home. Draw a warm bubble bath, put on a facial mask, light a candle and relax. A nice way to end a spa night at home is by journaling or reading an interesting book.

3. Check out a local museum. Most states have a variety of museums you can visit. (Tip: Your local library might offer discounts on museum passes)

4. Dinner and a movie at home. Cook up your favorite dish or order some za. Curl up on the couch with your food, a delicious drink and a movie you have been wanting to watch.

Never forget how important it is to set aside time for yourself and to make yourself a priority. When you take care of yourself you will find you have more energy to help and love those around you.

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