Post: Failed an interview?

I do contract (temporary) work for a living which means I have to go through the interview process with different companies at least once a year. I’m not an expert at interviews (they still freak me out). One thing I’ve learned how to improve on is being easy on myself when an interview doesn’t go great.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you feel down about how an interview went:

1. This wasn’t your one and only shot. You will have opportunities to interview for other great companies.

2. They won’t remember you. Are you concerned they are going to think about how bad you were during your interview? Chances are they have a lot of other candidates they are interviewing and you will be forgotten.

3. You probably did better than you think you did. Really. We are our worst critics and tend to be all or nothing with ourselves (I.e. we think we either did good or bad, instead of just okay).

4. There’s more to life than your career! I know this can be hard when you are focused on finding a job but remember there is more to life than just your career. You are a person with many interests, talents and gifts.

5. Every interview helps you grow. Each interview is a chance to improve, to learn and to practice your interview skills.

After every interview pat yourself on the back, congratulate yourself on going through the interview process and be proud of what you did right! The fact that you are putting yourself out there is no small triumph.

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