Post: Solo Date (6/12/21)

I’ve posted previously about how important it is to take yourself on solo dates. I believe setting aside time for yourself is crucial for you to develop love for yourself and grow as an individual.

I took myself on a solo date today (it was much needed after a hectic week) and wanted to share with you what I did!

1. Coffee Shop. I started my day off at a local coffee shop. I purchased a large cup of coffee and spent time reading. I never had been to this coffee shop before but I’m glad I checked it out it was so cute and had a cozy atmosphere). It was a great start to my day because it was calm and helped me let go of stress I had been feeling.

2. Winery. I went to a winery next as I wanted to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. I went to a new winery to me (I’ve only been to a few wineries in my lifetime). It was beautiful! The place was surrounded by greenery (tall green trees and fields) and the main building looked like a log cabin. I sat on the porch and drank a glass of pear wine. I took in the scenery, scribbled some notes and ideas into my phone, and played a game. There were moments where I felt a bit strange being the only person alone there, everyone else was in groups, but I reminded myself that being alone is perfectly wonderful and everyone should be sometimes.

3. Book. I ended my day by picking up some new books from the Dollar Tree. I’ve been trying to be more diligent about spending time reading every day. It was a nice way to end my solo date because it gave me activities (reading) to look forward to.

Side note: Check out the Dollar Tree book section sometime, you can find amazing brand new books for just $1!

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