Post: Stillwater, MN

Twice this weekend I had the chance to visit a local (super charming) town called Stillwater. I’ve been to this town many times but it never fails to amaze me how beautiful and fun the area is. Stillwater is located roughly 25 miles from Minneapolis. The town is known for it’s beautiful views of the St. Croix river, cute and lively town, and numerous unique restaurants.

Friday night
I went with a group of friends down to Stillwater on Friday night. We went to a bar/restaurant called Freight House. It had a huge outdoor patio and was very lively. The food came fairly quickly and tasted good.

We then went on a stroll around the town. We crossed the bridge (below is photos I took on the bridge, one showing me standing in Minnesota and Wisconsin at the same time!) and walked by the river.

Stillwater was very busy, as it was Friday night. The restaurants and bars were full of people and parking was a bit harder to find.

There was still a few more things I wanted to see in Stillwater, so on Sunday I went there by myself.

I went to a coffee shop called The Daily Grind, I got lunch at a restaurant called The Tilted Tiki and I went on a walk around the town.

At the Daily Grind I sat out on their patio that overlooks the river. I sipped on coffee and read a book (btw, there is a book store connected to the coffee shop!). The atmosphere was relaxing and rejuvenating taking in the views of the river while sipping on my hot coffee.

At the Tilted Tiki I got a pineapple burger and side salad for lunch. The staff was busy but extremely friendly. They weren’t allowing people to eat inside, only on the patio, but made an exception for me as I was by myself. While I didn’t get anything alcoholic, it’s a great place to go if you are looking for some fun drinks.

I ended my time on Sunday by going on a casual walk around Stillwater (including climbing these massive steps!). It’s a safe feeling town to walk around if you are by yourself.

If you are in the Minnesota area or are planning on visiting Minnesota, I highly recommend adding Stillwater to your must-visit list.

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