Post: Taylors Falls, MN

My dad and I visited Taylors Falls for an afternoon this past week. We walked around the town and looked at the local shops. Taylors Falls is roughly about 50 miles North of Minneapolis. It’s a very small town mostly known for its hills and river (ideal hiking area). Their downtown stretches about a mile and homes an ice cream shop, coffee shop, library, boutiques and a couple restaurants.

Taylors Falls is ideal if you are looking for a town in Minnesota to go hiking. People from across the state agree that the views in the area are beautiful. The town is very small but offers historic sites, fun places to eat and interesting places to shop. It’s worth a stop if you are in the area!

Below are some of the photos we took throughout our time in the town. I hope this review helps you understand the town a little bit more!

Minnesota’s oldest existing public school house!
An old jail they have now turned into a B&B.
One of the local bar/restaurants. My dad got a kick out of the name.
A shop that sells antiques and other second hand items. Unfortunately it was closed the day we visited. It was still cool seeing all these items on their lawn!
A drive-in restaurant that has hamburgers (and root beer!). They offer vegetarian burgers too. It’s right next door to a putt putt golf course and near a camping site.

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