Post: Scrapbooking on a dime

I recently started scrapbooking again (it’s been years since the last time I scrapbooked). It’s a fun hobby to pick up but it can get EXPENSIVE! I have found a few ways to make it a bit more affordable:

Goodwill/Thrift Stores

The Goodwill (or local thrift store) can be a great place to find crafting supplies for cheap. I bought some stickers and kids story books at my local Goodwill. I bought the kid story books so that I could cut out drawings and words to use in my scrapbook (such as in the photo below).

Facebook Marketplace

You can find a variety of items on Facebook Marketplace (furniture, clothing, party décor) including crafting supplies. Just do a quick search using terms such as “crafting supplies” or “scrapbooking”. I would advise making sure that the items you are seeing are in close distance to yourself.

Michaels (or local craft store)

My local craft store is Michaels. I have a couple of tips for shopping here. First, always look to see what they have on sale. They often will have a lot of items on sale. Second, always use a coupon at Michaels. If you search Google with the term “Michaels coupons” you can easily find a 20% coupon for your regular priced items (I never shop at Michaels without a coupon!). I believe these tips would apply to other stores too such as Hobby Lobby.

Magazines and Newspapers

I love using magazines for photos and words to use in my scrapbooking. If you have any magazines or newspapers lying around (even catalogs!) try flipping through them, to see if there is anything you can use from them.

Don’t be picky

Honestly, I think not needing things to be perfect is crucial in scrapbooking. Scrapbooking (and crafting in general) is an expression of creativity. The less picky you are about how professional your pages look, the more creative you can be using the items you have on hand.

Have fun and enjoy your time scrapbooking!

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