Post: Budget-Friendly Kid Crafts

Growing up I always loved making crafts with my parents and learning new ways to be creative. I think creativity is an important part of childhood and crafts can help with that. While crafting can get expensive, there are an endless amount of ways to not spend a lot while still having fun and creating. Below are a few crafts I have done recently with my nephew and fiancés daughter. I hope to add to this list soon!

Fun and low-cost crafts to do with kids:

Letter decorating

Letter decorating is a very fun and easy craft to do with kids of all ages. All you need is a letter (you can find wood ones at most craft stores), a variety of things to glue on it (pom poms, beads, cotton balls, puzzle pieces, buttons, etc), and glue (we used tacky glue). An even more low-cost option for this activity is to cut out letters from cardboard and use markers or paint to decorate them.

Rock Painting

Rock painting is an activity that requires only a few supplies. All you need for this craft are some rocks, paint and modpodge (if you plan to put them outside). You can obtain rocks by either finding them outside, ordering them online or they may be available in some craft stores. An alternative to rock painting is to paint seashells.


Pottery is a fun activity for all ages. You can get clay at almost all craft stores (even Walmart and Target often have some). I recommend buying the type that you can bake in the oven (so you can keep your creations forever). It can be fun to look up different ideas online for things to make.

Craft kits

If you are looking for different and unique crafting ideas, craft kits might be a good route to go. Kits can get expensive and so I recommend checking out your local Dollar Tree to see what they have available (the image below was made from a kit from the Dollar Tree).

Crafts should be about having fun, being creative and enjoying time with others. There are endless possibilities for crafts even on a tight budget!

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