Post: Positives of Online Dating

Finally, after endless amounts of swiping and unresponsive matches, You connect with someone you are interested in and the conversation is flowing. You decide to meet up for coffee. You are excited and nervous. “Could this be the one?” The day comes, you arrive at the location and.. the spark is just not there. Maybe they just weren’t what you were expecting or you got red flags about them. Perhaps you did like them but they didn’t reciprocate those feelings. You feel disappointed and maybe a bit sad. You gain back your courage and log back into the dating site. 

Does this sound familiar? For me it sure does. Online dating is rough. It’s draining, time consuming and feels pointless after awhile. The good news is that people really do meet their future partners and spouses on dating sites. The bad news is that people (like myself) who haven’t met their match yet have to keep going through the rejecting and time consuming process of online dating. 
I’ve got no solution to the endless swiping or disappointing dates. I have however found some positives to online dating (beyond just finding the right person):
  • 1. Reflecting on qualities. Online dating lets you reflect on what qualities and strengths are really important to you in a partner and what your deal breakers are. After reading through hundreds of profiles certain qualities will likely start to stand out to you as either ones you want in a partner or want to avoid in a partner. 
  • 2. You’re not alone! Online dating helps you realize how many singles really are out there. Sometimes in our daily lives it can feel like we are the only single person on the planet, but online dating can be a nice reminder that there are a ton of other people that are single too. 
  • 3. Appreciation for love. The endless amount of unanswered messages, disappointing dates, and time consuming searching will give you a deeper appreciation when you do finally find that wonderful somebody someday. When you’re able to reflect on the journey it took you to find the right person, you will realize how special love really is. 
  • I hope these positives help you feel a little better through the online dating process. I also hope you find success with online dating (or meeting someone in regular day life) if that’s what you are looking for! 

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